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Flunk Day Softball

What is Flunk Day Anyway?
(For those of you who are not Knox people, click on any of the hot links on this page to find out)

Video from Flunk Day 2009

Flunk Day Softball 
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Flunk Day 2014 photos, & Flunk Day 2018 photos)

At the bat during the 2013 Game


Flunk Day - 2010

Pitching in the 2014 Flunk Day softball game


Flunk Day, 2018


Pitching in the annual "Flunk Day" Softball game against the students in the spring of 2004.

Flunk Day - 2010


With Samantha Franciskovich after the 2005 softball game

Screen Shot 2022-05-21 at 10.26.44 PM.png

This is a pretty old Flunk Day Photo - maybe early 1990s? I am the guy in the striped t-shirt in the background. The person to my left is my long-time colleague political science professor Sue Hulett. This is one of the only times that Sue was to the left of anyone.

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