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                  Media Coverage of Research

The New Yorker (Creepiness)

Scientific American Mind Magazine


 NBC - TODAY Show & Tonight with Jay Leno


 The TODAY Show (NBC)


 The "Why Factor" (BBC)


 New York Times (testosterone & aggression study)


 Time Magazine (Haunted Houses)


The New Republic


Newsweek (Haunted Houses)


Business Insider (Haunted Houses)

National Geographic (Creepiness of Clowns)

PBS NewsHour (Creepiness of Clowns)


The Daily Mail (U.K.) (The psychology of mass shootings)


The TODAY Show (Hoda & Kathie Lee - Creepiness)

CNN (Creepy Clowns - 2017)


Time Magazine


Trailer for CBC-TV Documentary "The Real Dirt - On Gossip"


Clip from the CBC Documentary "The Real Dirt - On Gossip"

New York Times

My Response to New York Times Science Blog

ABC News


The Chicago Tribune

NBC News


CBS News - Chicago (WBBM TV) - video

CBS News - Chicago (WBBM TV) - Text


Psychology Today Magazine (Haunted Houses)


NBC News (Creepiness)

CNN (Mass Shootings)


Conan (Conan O'Brien Late Night Talk Show) (Creepiness)


Time Magazine (Picking names for babies)


The Huffington Post  (Men & mass shootings)


USA Today (Creepiness)

The Chicago Tribune (Creepy Clowns)

Time Magazine (The Creepiness of Clowns)


The Huffington Post (Creepiness)


Discovery News (Are we getting desenstized to mass shootings?)

WGBH - Boston (PBS/NPR - "Innovation Hub")

The Guardian (Why High School Stays With Us Forever)


Newsweek (Why mass shooters are always young men)

The Wall Street Journal (The value of negative emotions)


Morning Edition (NPR - National Public Radio) 


The Atlantic (Guns & Testosterone)


Psychology Today Magazine (Seeing Ghosts)

CNN (History of Mass Shootings)


Social-Engineer (Creepiness) (High school stays with you forever)

The Observer (Grief over dogs)


The Boston Globe


Associated Press story on facial beauty (Appeared in dozens of newspapers)

CNN (Creepiness of Clowns - 2016)

The Academic Minute (Why high school stays with you)

The Daily Beast (the Creepiness of Clowns)

The New Republic (The Creepiness of Clowns)

Frankfurt Allgemine Zeitung (Germany - Creepiness of Clowns)

World Economic Forum (Happiness)

Slate (France - Happiness)

I Fucking Love Science (IFL Science -Creepiness of Clowns)


Psychology Today Magazine (Why High School Stays with Your Forever)


The Gil Gross Show (KKSF - San Francisco) (Creepiness)

As It Happens (CBC - Creepy Clowns)

Business Insider


MSNBC (The effects of being a "junior" - boys named after their fathers) (Happiness)

The Guardian (Happiness)


National Public Radio (NPR) - On Creepiness


New York Daily News (Crowding in New York City)


NBC's TODAY Show (Creepiness) (Creepiness)


The Smithsonian (Creepiness)
The Washington Post (Creepiness)
The Washington Post (Creepy Clowns, Op-Ed)

The Washington Post (Guns & Testosterone)

The Washington Post (Gossip about politicians)


The Washington Post (Meteorologists aren't creepy)

The Washington Post (Creepiness of Clowns)

The Washington Post (Creepiness of Clowns II)

The Washington Post (High School Nostalgia)

CNN (Happiness)


The Smithsonian (Creepy Dolls)


FOX News Magazine (Creepiness)


Chicago Tribune (Haunted Houses)


WebMD (Guns & Testosterone)

Medical Daily (Happiness)

Salon (Creepy Clowns)


Irish National Radio (Creepiness)


The Chicago Tribune (Creepiness)

Business Insider (Why high school stays with us forever)

Australian Broadcasting Corporation (Grief over dogs)


FOX 19 - TV - Cincinnatti (Creepiness)


Success Magazine


Men's Health Magazine (Why men get a bang out of guns)

The Toronto Star (Creepiness of Clowns)


Discover Magazine (Creepiness)


Psychology Today Magazine (Creepiness)

The New Boston Post (Happiness) (Creepiness of Clowns)


The Washington Examiner

The Boston Globe (Littering)

New York Post (Why we love horror movies & haunted houses)


One News Page Video (Creepiness)

HRZone (Understanding the "Office Creep")

The BBC (Creepy Clowns)

The Huffington Post (Creepy Clowns)

New York Magazine (Creepy Clowns)


APA Monitor on Psychology (Why we are drawn to particular urban scenery)

Air Talk with Larry Mantle (KPCC - NPR - Los Angeles - Creepy Clowns)

NBC News (Creepiness)

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (Creepiness of Clowns)

Business Insider (Grief over dogs)

iflScience (Happiness) (Judging others from their e-mail messages)


YouTube (Why are things creepy?)


The Guardian (U.K.) (Tourists flocking to Las Vegas to fire machine guns)

Red Eye (FOX News Channel) (Creepiness)


WWL Radio (The Tommy Tucker Show -New Orleans) (The psychology of  fame)


Peoria Journal Star (Why we enjoy being scared)

Australian Broadcasting Company (Creepiness of Clowns)

Bangor Daily News (Creepy Clowns)


NBC News (What your emails say about you)

FOX News (Happiness) (the home court advantage in tennis)
Pacific Standard Magazine (Creepiness)

WGN Radio (Chicago) -

(The evolutionary basis of sports rivalries - especially Bears vs. Packers)


The Conversation (Men and Mass shootings)


KCBS Radio (San Francisco, with Rebecca Corrall) (Creepiness)


As It Happens (Canadian Broadcasting Company - Toronto) (Creepiness)


KRQE News 13 (Albuquerque, NM) (Creepiness)


WLTX TV (CBS - Columbia, South Carolina) (Creepiness)

The Conversation (Happiness)


News Channel 10 (CBS - Amarillo, Texas) (Creepiness)


The Audubon Society (Creepiness)


Detroit Newstime (Psychology of mass shootings)


Richard Dawkins Foundation (Mass Shootings)


The Singapore News (Mass Shootings)


The New York Post (Creepy Dolls)


NewsBeat Social (Creepiness)

WABC Radio (New York City)


CBS Philly (Creepiness)

Quartz (Grief over dogs)


The Brent Loucks Show (CKOM - Saskatchewan) (Creepiness)


1067liteFM (Creepiness)


The Durango Herald (Creepiness)


The Irish Times (Creepiness)


The Examiner


The Irish Times


Slate Magazine/


The Seattle Times


The Florida Times-Union


Forbes Woman


New York Times  Science Blog (Why we love to be scared) (Creepy Clowns - by Elween Loke)


Irish National Radio (Creepiness)

Los Angeles Times (testosterone & aggression)

Aeon Magazine (Creepiness)

Alternet (Why high school stays with us forever)

KSLA TV (Los Angeles - Creepiness)


Breakfast with Geraldine Doogue (ABC - Australia) (The Family Home)

YourTango Magazine (Grief over dogs)

BBC News (Creepiness)

The Conversation (Grief over Dogs)

IFL Science (Grief Over Dogs)



FOX Illinois (Creepiness)


FOX News (Creepiness - Video)


FOX News (Creepiness)

Uganda Today (Grief over a Dog)


The Sun (U.K.) (Creepiness)


Minnesota Public Radio


The John Tesh Radio Show


Woman's Day Magazine


The Examiner


Sydney Morning Herald


Reason Magazine


USA Today (Ticket Scalping)

Huron Daily Tribune (Creepiness of Clowns - video)

The Houston Chronicle (Grief over dogs)


Sydney Morning Herald (Athletes behaving badly because of testosterone)

The Huffington Post - Mexico (Creepy Clowns)


Morning Newstime (Psychology of Mass Shootings)


FOX TV News5 (Washington DC) (Creepiness)


World News Magazine (Mass Shootings)


Hartford Courant (Naming of Children) (The psychology of awkward family photos)


Los Angeles Times (Dot Com Guy)

The Toronto Sun (Creepiness of Clowns)


The Humanist (Creepiness)


FOX 17 TV (Western Michigan - Creepiness)


The Vancouver Sun


Talk Radio 702 (Johannesburg, SA) (Haunted Houses)

The Guardian (Creepiness)

United Press International (UPI)

Associated Press (Happiness)


Business Radio (Powered by the Wharton School)


The Matt Townsend Show - BYU Radio

The Matt Townsend Show (KSL Radio - Salt Lake City - Creepy Clowns)

The Conversation (Life in Isolation)

WOSU Radio (NPR - Columbus, Ohio - Creepy Clowns)

Inner Self (Happiness)

Outbreak News This Week Radio Show (Creepy Clowns)

The Telegraph (Grief over dogs)

New York Post (Haunted Houses)

Top of Mind with Julie Rose (Radio - Creepiness)

Le Point (France - Happiness)

The Si & Gary Show  (New Zealand Radio) (Creepiness)

Oest-France (Happiness)

The Associated Press (Why High School Stays With Us Forever)


Australian Broadcasting Company (Creepiness)

The Conversation (Why High School Stays With Us Forever)

How Stuff Works (Creepiness)

Steam Register (Haunted Houses)

Sydney Morning Herald (Happiness)


WTMX - 101.9fm - Eric & Kathy (Creepiness)

The Associated Press (Grief over dogs)


New York Magazine (Creepiness)


CBS Radio - 1059SunnyFM (Creepiness)


The Ward and Al Show (Canada Talks) (Sirius XM - Channel 167) (Creepiness)

Wisconsin Public Radio (The Kathleen Dunn Show - High School & memory)

RawStory (Happiness)

Quartz (Why high school stays with you)


The REAL Daytime


Houston Chronicle


The New Zealand Herald


Psychology Today Magazine (Heroism & Competitive Altruism)


SOTT (Sign of the Times - Germany) (Creepiness)


Scroll (Mass Shootings)


The Conversation (haunted houses)


WXXV (Fox Channel 25, Gulfport, Mississippi) (Creepiness)

The Best of Our Knowledge (Why High School Stays With You) (the Creepiness of Clowns)

KITV (ABC News - Hawaii - Mass Shootings)


The Conversation (Australia)(e-mail mind games)


Independent (U.K) (Creepiness)


FOX 43 TV News (Harrisburg, PA) (Creepiness)


New Statesman (Creepiness)


KLTV (ABC - Cincinnatti) (Creepiness)


Scientific American (Testosterone & Violence)


Swedish National Radio (How is gossip different from Bullshit?)

New York Magazine (Happiness)


Yackler Magazine (Creepiness)

The Nigerian Reporter (Mass Shootings)


Q107 Toronto (Creepiness)


Experience Life Magazine


Paleo for Women Health (How birth control pills can affect your love life) (Happiness)


Pacific Standard Magazine (Facebook Use)

GOOD Magazine (Haunted Houses) (Heroes) (Haunted Houses) (Haunted Houses) (Creepiness)


NewsFix CLU 33 (Washington) (Creepiness)




Rawstory (Haunted Houses) (Haunted Houses)


The Times of India (Creepiness)


FOX 2 Now (St. Louis - Creepiness)

Mashable (Creepiness & the Mystery Genre)


USA Today


Rock River Times (Haunted Houses)


News and Wisdom (Mass Shootings) (Creepiness)

Yahoo Finance (Creepiness)


Nigeria News (Haunted Houses)


Critic (New Zealand; Creepiness)


AARP Bulletin (Creepiness)

News Locker (Why high school stays with us forever)




Body & Health at


Scientific American (Smiling in Primates)

London Free Press (Grief Over Dogs)

La Tribuna (Creeping Women Out)


Advanced Psychology Research (The problem of altruism)

El Mundo (Happiness)

Rawstory (The Creepiness of Clowns)

Hospitality Magazine (Restaurant Ambience)


The Daily Mail (U.K.) (Creepiness)

Playboy Magazine (Social Media) (Creepiness)


il Post (Italy; Young men, violence, & testosterone) (Creepiness) (Creepiness) (Creepiness) (Judging others from their e-mails)

New Jersey Herald (Grief over Dogs)

Shanghai Daily (Restaurant Ambience)


I Fucking Love Science (Men and Mass Shootings)  (Why we are drawn to particular urban scenery)


The Medical Daily (Basis of heroic behavior) (Creepiness)

Facts and Opinions (Grief over dogs)


813 Magazine (Creepiness)


Newsweek - Japan (Mass shootings)


Social Justice Solutions (Haunted Houses)


The Matt Townsend Show - BYU Radio - Sirius XM - Channel 143


Berner Oberlander (Switzerland) (Creepiness)


London at Large (CJBK Talk Radio - London, Ontario) (Creepiness)


Science Alert (Creepiness)


The Paris Review (Creepiness)

Alternet (Grief over dogs)


Keene Trial Consulting (Creepiness)


The Olympian (Creepiness)


Real Simple Magazine


The Financial Times


Hills News


Science + Religion Today


American Express Open Forum


Braingell Radio (Aggression and heavy metal music)

The Daily Mail (Creepy Clowns)

Channel NewsAsia (Grief over dogs) (Creepiness)

Take the Lead (Happiness) (creepiness) (Creepy Dolls)


The Daily Telegraph




Oye! Times


Misterio Press (Why is being scared out of our wits fun?) (Happiness)


Pop Psychology (Heroism and Competitive Altruism)


Z100 FM (Eau Claire, WI -Creepiness)


Rain from a Stranger


Philadelphia Examiner (Littering)


Brazilian Top Team (Does smiling predict the winner of MMA fights?)


B-93.7 FM (Creepiness)


Levo League (Creepiness) (Judging others based on their e-mail messages)

Discover Magazine (Creepiness)


News 4 - NBC - San Antonio, TX (Creepiness)


EyeWitness News (Mass shootings) (Mass Shootings)


New Zealand Herald (Creepiness)

YouTube (Creepiness of Clowns)

Your Tango (predicting your life span)


One News Page


The Knox Student (Cyber Love/Online Dating)

Business Insider (Happiness)


14 TV NEWS (NBC - Evansville, Indiana) (Creepiness)

Bozeman Daily Chronicle (Restaurant Ambience)


A story from Belgium about Mass Shootings (In Flemish)

The Independent Online (Grief over dogs)


Scientific American - Brazil (Testosterone & Violence)


Die Welt (Germany) (Creepiness)


The Progressive Cynic (Guns & Aggression)


The Week (Creepiness)

BioTechniques (Creepy Clowns)

NewsBeat Radio (High School Nostalgia)

mamamia (Grief over dogs)


Yahoo News (Creepiness) (Why high school stays with us forever)


Horror/Creepy Short Stories (Creepiness)


EEBS Berenstein (Using fear to sell products)


Men's Health Magazine (Southern Africa)(Guns and testsoterone)

Cosmopolitan (creepiness)

E! Scientific News (Happiness)

The Oklahoman (Why high school stays with us forever)


Psyche Life (Haunted Houses)


JobDig for Employers (Facial expressions and politicians)

Business Mirror (Grief over dogs)


Morning News Times (Mass Shootings)


Screen Shot 2020-02-20 at 9.51.09 AM.png
Screen Shot 2019-09-12 at 10.09.13 PM.png
Screen Shot 2022-10-02 at 11.20.53 AM.png

SkepticBlog (The Evolution of Heroic Behavior) (Celebrity Gossip)

Delaware News Journal (Coaching Millennials in the NFL)

The Courier Post (part of USA Today Network - Coaching Millennials in the NFL) (Portugal - The violence of young men)

Psychology Today Magazine (Grief over Dogs)

Dhaka Tribune (France)

PsyPost (Why high school stays with us forever)

Kansas City Star (Creepiness of Clowns)

Le Monde (Creepiness of Clowns)

The New Boston Post (Why high school stays with you forever)

Yorkshire Evening Post (Killer Clowns)

WNYC (NPR - New York City)


Die Welt (Germany)


HappyMed TV  (Romania) (Creepiness) (Things that predict a long life)

Hippo Reads (Why High School Stays With Us Forever)

The Post Bulletin (Grief over dogs)


Pakistan Abroad (Creepiness)


WMBD Radio (Peoria) (Creepiness)


Children in


Back Talk:


Healthcare Quarterly




Grey Matters (Interior Design)

The Calgary Sun (Creepiness of Clowns)

Intellectual Takeout (Life in Isolation)

PsyPost (Mass shootings) (Creepiness)


Your Tango (Creepiness)


West Fargo Pioneer (Creepiness)

News Flow 24 (Why high school stays with us forever)

CrossRoads Today - ABC NewsCenter 25 (Mass Shootings)

YouTube (the Creepiness of Clowns) (Happiness) (Happiness)


Stoere Jongenzzz (Netherlands - Creepiness)

Prosieben (Germany - Creepiness) (Happiness)

Foundation for Economic Education (Happiness)

Radio One (Predicting Life Span)



The Islander


Parkes Champion Post

Ask the Monsters





C-Health ( - Canada

Medical News Today (testosterone & aggression)

Take the Lead (Happiness)


Tages Anzeiger (Switzerland) (Creepiness)

The Age (Australia - Happiness)


Radio 1031 - The Wolf (Creepiness)

Inner Self (Life in Isolation)


MX (metroexpress - Denmark) (Creepiness)

Real Clear Science (Happiness)

World News Magazine (Why high school stays with us forever)

The Daily Mail (U.K.) (Creepiness of Clowns)

Mad in America (Happiness)


Peoria Journal Star (Creepiness)

OpEdNews (Happiness)


The Houston Chronicle (Creepiness) (Grief over the death of a dog)


Business Insider (The Creepiness of Clowns)


Galore Magazine (Creepiness) (Littering) (Creepiness)

The Independent/ (Mail Order Brides)

Steam Register (Creepiness of Clowns)


Jewish World Review


Pravda (Horror Movies)

Softpedia (Fear is useful & haunted houses) (Creepiness)

E! Scientific News (Why high school stays with us forever)

Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (Creepy Clowns)

680 News (Creepy Clowns)

Medical (Happiness)


Inc (Creepiness)


REVELIST (Creepiness)

Lincoln Journal Star (Restaurant Ambiance)


Plethrons (Creepiness)


The Daily Mail (UK)

The Times of India (Guns & Testosterone) (Creepiness)


The Masculine Heart (Evolution of heroic behavior)

GQ (Spanish - Happiness)


The Daily Nebraskan (Guns & Testosterone)


Cerveau & Psycho (France)


Hartford Advocate (Littering)


METRO (U.K.) (Creepiness) (Creepiness)


British Psychological Society Research Digest (Creepiness) (Creepiness) (Creepiness)


Current Affairs Magazine (Mass Shootings)

The Edmonton Sun (Creepiness of Clowns)

PsyPost (Life in Isolation)


WesternMassNews (Creepiness)


The Times (U.K. - Creepiness)


WGIL Radio (Galesburg, IL) (Multiple appearances on multiple topics) (Creepiness)

Inside Hook (Why everyone hates clowns)


Bild der Wissenschaft




The Alaska Dispatch

Management Issues

Amarillo Globe News



BT Office Furniture Blog


Eyre Peninsula Tribune


The Knox Student (Testosterone & Rage)

The Epoch Times (Creepy Clowns)

The Big Think (Creepiness of Clowns) (Creepiness of Clowns)

The San Antonio Express-News (Creepiness of Clowns)

Who cares? What's the point? (Podcast - creepiness)

The Singapore News (Creepy Clowns)

Seattle Post-Intelligencer (Restaurant Ambiance)

Providentia (Killer Clowns) (Creepiness of Clown)

La Vanguardia (Grief over dogs)

The Wireless (Creepiness of Clowns)

OnlineKhabar (Nepal) (Life in Isolation) (Creepy Clowns)

iNews (U.K. - Creepiness of Clowns) (Grief over Dogs)

Psychology Today (Germany - Creepiness)

Mass Appeal (Creepiness of Clowns)

New Zealand Herald (Creepiness of Clowns)

Wiley Psychology Update (Creepiness of Clowns)

World News (Creepy Clowns)

The Ballymena Times (Creepy Clowns)

Estonian Public Broadcasting (Creepiness)

Tampa Bay Times (Creepiness of Clowns)

Your Choice (Creepiness of Clowns)

HispanTV (Creepiness of Clowns)

El Espanol (Creepiness of Clowns)

Vox (Creepiness of Clowns)

Yahoo News (Creepiness)

The Advice Goddess (Creepiness)

The Conversation (The Creepiness of Clowns)

The Times-Picayune (New Orleans - Creepiness of Clowns) (Creepiness of Occupations)

Science Alert (Creepiness of Clowns) (Creepiness)

RawStory (Happiness)

Bay News 9 (Creepiness of Clowns)

The Dirt (Creepiness of Clowns)

The Vocal


The Society Pages (Creepiness)

Chatt Sports Net (Haunted Houses) (Creepiness of Clowns)

Channel 15 - ABC - Arizona (Creepiness of Clowns)

The Post Internazionale (Happiness)

Associated Press (Life in Isolation) (Creepiness)


Metro (Sweden) (Creepiness)


Motherboard (Netherlands) (Creepiness)

Seoul Broadcasting System (Creepiness)

Seoul Broadcasting System (The Creepiness of Clowns)

Thrill List (Creepiness of Clowns)


Medical Daily (Creepiness)

FOX 6 News (Creepiness)


The Week ("Roid Rage")


FOX TV (Wilmington, NC) (Creepiness)

The New Castle News (Creepiness of Clowns)


Vice (Broadly) (Creepiness)

100.3 JACK FM (Creepiness of Clowns)


Newser (Creepiness)


ESPN (Jalen & Jacoby - Creepiness)


Focus (Germany) (Creepiness)


Applied Evolutionary Psychology Society (Creepiness)

WYFF Channel 4 (NBC - Creepiness of Clowns)

METRO (U.K. - Creepiness of Clowns) (Creepiness of Clowns)



The Post and Courier


Elle Canada


Chester County  Ramblings

St. Louis Post-Dispatch


Counterpoint (Talk Radio, Kingston, Jamaica) (Creepiness of Clowns) (Crepiness of Clowns)

Elsevier SciTech Connect (Happiness)


Guru Careers (Creepiness) (Creepiness)


The Mirror (U.K.) (Creepiness)

Collie Mail


Stephen Viscusi's Blog


West Coast Sentinel

Lubbock Avalanche-Journal (Story on DotCom Guy)

Association for Psychological Science (Happiness)

The Richmond Times-Dispatch (Creepy Clowns) (Creepiness of Clowns) (Creepiness of Clowns)


9 News/MSN (Creepiness)


Headlines News (The making of a murderer)

El Espanol (Creepy Clowns) (Happiness)


Mix929FM (Creepiness) (Why we love to be scared) (Creepiness) (Why do dogs smile with their teeth?)

The Houston Chronicle (Creepiness of Clowns) (ABC News - History of mass shootings)

The Post Internazionale (Italy - Creepiness of Clowns) (Happiness)


Mix92.9 FM (Creepiness)


The Muslim Times (Creepiness) (Creepiness) (happiness) (Creepiness)


Sociology of Creepiness (Creepiness)


Omaha World Herald (Creepiness) (Creepiness of Clowns)

The Martial Arts Muse


ArticleCats (Creepiness)

The Hamilton Spectator (Creepy Clowns) (Creepiness of Clowns) (Creepiness)


Oxford University Press Middle-School Reader


Aftenposten (Norway)


KFVS 12 (St. Louis) (Creepiness)

The Guardian (U.K. - Creepiness) (Slovakia)


Dinside (Norway)


NewsYac (Mass Shootings)


derstandard (Austria)


Innovations Report (German)


Intellectual Takeout (Creepiness)


Freundin (Germany) (Do  dogs smile?)


Bild der Wissenschaft


Pagina 12 (Argentina) (Guns & Testosterone)


Heilpraxisnet (Germany - Creepiness)

Psychology Today (Restaurant Ambience)


Apotheken-Umschau (Germany - Creepiness)


George Journal (Judging people by their e-mails)

The Niagara Falls Review (Creepiness of Clowns) (Litter)


The American Genius (Creepiness)

The Good Men Project (Guns & Violence)


Playground Magazine (Creepiness) (Creepy Clowns)

92.7 FM - The Laser (Galesburg, IL - Creepiness)

The Nigerian Reporter (Creepiness)


Local21 News (CBS) (Creepiness) (Creepiness)


MetroNews (France - Creepiness)

National Geographic - Italy (Creepy Clowns)

The Pocono Record (Creepiness of Clowns)

LI News Radio (Mass shootings) (Creepiness)


Neatorama (Creepiness) (Creepiness) (Creepiness)


Friends of Snakes Society (Creepiness)

E! Scientific News (Creepiness of Clowns)

Chatt Sports Net (Haunted Houses)

Washington News Cloud (Happiness)

n-tv - Germany (Creepy Clowns)

RP-Online (Germany - Creepy Clowns)

The Good Men Project

Diario LasAmericas (Creepy Clowns)

infouno (Creepy Clowns)


Wonder: Strategies for Good


Litchfield County Times


HighBeam Business


ScienceOn (Korea)


Sun Times Network - Philadelphia (Creepiness)

United States Today Updates (Happiness) (Creepiness)

Kantipuri (Life in Isolation)


The Montreal Gazette (Creepiness)


The Bobby D Show (Creepiness)


Rebel Circus


Super Interassante

Woodstock Conservation Commission (Littering) (Creepy Clowns)


Refinery 29 (Creepiness)


True Viral News (Creepiness) (Smiling in primates)


ZeitJung (Germany - Creepiness)


Omtalat (Sweden - Creepiness)


New England Stuff (Life in Isolation)

Collie Rescue Foundation (Grief over Dogs)


Centire (India) (Creepiness)

The Ottawa Sun (Creepiness of Clowns)

Epoch Times (Why high school stays with us forever)

7 Days (Netherlands - Creepy Clowns) (Creepiness of Clowns)


Wild 104 FM (Creepiness)

Current Affairs Magazine (Happiness)

Ita Punta (Creepiness of Clowns)

ACEs Connection Network (Life in Isolation)


WPLJ (NYC - Creepiness)


WJEZ FM (Creepiness)

Eastern Ontario Network (The Creepiness of Clowns)




Celeb Calls (Testosterone & Violence)

Methodus (Brazil)

Jyllands-Posten (Denmark - Creepy Clowns)

Sports Site (Mail Order Brides)


The Columbian (Creepiness)


Government of Nova Scotia Litter Survey


Guia do Estudante (Brazil) (Creepiness of Clowns)


Cesky Rozhlas (Czech Republic)

DAILYMETRO (Happiness)


Healthcare News (Creepiness)

Nepal News (Life in Isolation)

Essential Kids (Creepy Clowns) (Creepiness) (is the exclamation mark used  too frequently?) (Seeing Ghosts)


House Portraits by Deb (The importance of "home")

HP DE TIJD (Netherlands - Creepiness of Clowns)

The Age (Happiness)

Climatologia Geografica (Brazil - Creepy Clowns)

The Odyssey (Creepy Clowns)

Time Magazine - Japan (Happiness)


Jaipur Women's Blog (Creepiness)


The Daily Emerald


LizzyNet (Germany - Creepiness)

Effingham Daily News (Creepiness of Clowns)

Science 2.0 (mass shootings)


El Guasap


Paging Dr. Nerdlove (Creepiness)

Business News World (Happiness)


Gavdosim (Greece - Creepiness)

NewsTex (Why high school stays with you forever)

Healthier Life (Why high school stays with us) (Creepiness) (Creepiness)

Videnskab (Denmark - Creepy Clowns) (Creepiness) (Creepiness) (Creepiness)

Eastern Ontario Network Television (Creepy Clowns) (Why High School Stays With Us Forever)

The Independent (Creepiness)

All About Writing (High School) (Happiness)

Digital News Buzz (Happiness) (mass shootings) (Creepiness)


TheBrainFlux (Creepiness) (Creepiness) (Why high school stays with you)

Collection Services


101.3 The Jockey (Creepiness) (Creepiness)

Tipsy Engineering (Creepiness)

444!!! (Hungary - High school stays with you)

Charleston Gazette-Mail (Happiness)

Wigan Today (Creepy Clowns)

Wonders & Oddity (Creepiness)

LBfromLV (Why high school stays with you) (creepiness of men) (Creepy Clowns)

The Winnipeg Sun (Creepiness of Clowns)

Screen Shot 2019-03-30 at 9.38.03 PM.png (grief over dogs)

Inverse (Creepiness)

The Stamford Advocate (Restaurant Ambience)

Greensboro, NC News & Record (Grief over dogs)


Sydney Morning Herald (Athletes behaving badly)

Spirit of Change Magazine (happiness)


Korean Version of Scientific American Article


Informal Coalitions

Pragma Synesi - Thoughts (testosterone & violence)

Science Rocks My World (Happiness)


Wonkville (Creepiness)


Latest Canada

Sydney Morning Herald


Johnny Grey Studios (Melding Design and Psychology)

The Danbury News Times (Restaurant Ambience)

abc 13 News Now (Creepy Clowns)

GMX Oestrreich (Creepy Clowns)

Women's Health (Creepiness)

Biotechniques (Creepiness)

Puerto Vallarta Daily News (Mexico)(Grief over dogs)

Stimme (Germany - Creepy Clowns)

RateMDs (Creepy Clowns) (Creepiness of Clowns)

RawStory (Happiness) (Creepiness of Clowns)

She Blossoms (Grief over Dogs)

Spektrum (Germany - Creepy Clowns)

Our Better Health (Predicting Life Span)

PsychCentral (Grief over dogs)

Connecticut Post (Restaurant ambience)

Web.DE (Creepy Clowns) (creepiness)

Daily Dog Dosage (Grief over dogs)

GQ (Spanish)(Happiness)

Hot Spot (Official Publication of the Penn-Ohio Newfoundland Club (Grief over dogs)

Chris KP (Creepiness) (Creepiness of Clowns)

Aleteia (Grief over dogs)

The News & Advance (creepy clowns)

The Montana Standard (Restaurant Ambiance)

Learning from (Grief over dogs)

Casino Daily News (Creepiness of Clowns)

FHM (Creepiness)

Medibid (Creepiness of Clowns)

All Night (Creepiness)

The Village Sun Times (Creepiness of Clowns)

Newsletter (Belfast, Northern Ireland) (Killer Clowns)

World Breaking News (Creepiness)

Greenville College Papyrus (Creepy Clowns)

Digital Chew (Creepiness of Clowns)

Mag Series USA (Creepiness of Clowns)

Cameron Park Counseling Center (Life in Isolation)

The New Influencer (Restaurant Ambience)

Rach Feed (Creepiness of Clowns) (Mass shootings)

Lavan Guardia Internacional (Creepiness of Clowns)

Focus (Germany - Creepy Clowns)

Stockwell Bretton

Sunny FM 1059 (Creepiness)

The Culpepper Star Exponent (Creepiness of Clowns)

All4Women (Life in Isolation)

Vegas Sports Odds (Creepy Clowns)

Doctissimo (France - Creepiness) (Creepiness of Clowns)

Recovery Today USA (Life in Isolation)

Idee Deco Cuisine (Creepy Clowns)

Frankfurter Neue Presse (Creepy Clowns) (Awkwardness of Family Life)

The Frontier (Creepiness of Clowns)

Soren Dreier (Creepiness)

El Arabiya

Mindful of Your Own Business (Happiness)

The Beaumont Enterprise (Restaurant Ambience)

BuzzBry (happiness)

Geo Pakistan (mass shootings) (creepiness)

Von Braune (Testosterone & Aggression)

Angle News (Creepiness of Clowns)

Victorian Chamber of Commerce & Industry (What does your email say about you?)

Science World Report (Creepiness of Clowns)

Telegraaf (The Netherlands - Creepy Clowns)

Diario De Cuyo (Creepiness) (Creepiness)


Student Leader Magazine


Parent Herald (Creepiness)


Democratic Underground (Creepiness)

Lockhart Media (Restaurant Ambience)

The London Free Press (Creepiness of Clowns)

Aleteia (Grief over dogs)

MetroTell South Africa (Life in Isolation)

Intellectual Takeout (Happiness) (Creepiness)

The Science Explorer (Creepy Clowns) (Creepiness) (Why we like to be scared)

Good (Haunted Houses)

Essential Kids (Creepy Clowns)

Kenya Today (Creepiness) (Australia - Creepiness)

Elko Daily Free Press (Ghosts & Religion) (Creepiness) (Creepiness)

KARE11 - NBC TV (Ghosts & Religion)

OSEL (Czech Republic - Creepy Clowns)

Idaho Press Tribune (Restaurant Ambience)

PopSugar (Creepy Clowns)

Daily Dog Dosage (Grief over dogs)

Earthwise Pet (Grief over dogs)

New Boston Post (Happiness)

SFGate (the Creepiness of Clowns)

El Confidencial (Creepiness)

Truth Theory (Grief over dogs)

Reporte Indigo (Creepy Clowns)

Chicago Tribune (Why there's no place like home for the holidays)

North Thompson Star/Journal (Creepy Clowns)


Papo de Homem (Brazil)


Plus (Czech Republic)


Focus (Germany - Creepiness)

Life with Dogs (Grief over dogs)

Beritagar (Indonesia - Creepy Clowns)

The Post Bulletin (Grief over Dogs)

The News & Observer (Life in Isolation)

Spirit of Change Magazine (Grief over Dogs)

FHM (Creepy Clowns)

Lavanguardia (Grief over Dogs)

Paper Hope (Happiness)

The Free Weekly (Creepiness)

Evolution News


PJ Media (Creepiness)

The Marshall Memo (High School Nostalgia)

Sud Ouest (Creepy Clowns)

First Coast News (Ghosts & Religion)

Sentieri Selvaggi (Italy) (Creepy Dolls)

Lovin My Pup (Grief over dogs)

The Daily Courier (Creepy Clowns)

King Gossip (Female Beauty)


El Guasap (Creepiness)

Joanna Parypinski (Creepy Clowns)

KENH TV (Vietnam) (Creepy Dolls) (Grief Over Dogs)

Rather Be in the Man Cave (Creepiness)

ABC Radio Perth (Afternoons with Gillian O'Shaughnessy) (Creepy Clowns) (Happiness) (Creepy Clowns)

Student Edge News (Creepy Clowns)

DI (Sweden)(Happiness)

The Peninsula Clarion ( Guy)

Following the Light of the Unknown (Creepy Clowns)

Australian Business Review (Happiness)

Salmon Arms Observer (Creepy Clowns)

The Houston Chronicle (Ghosts & Religion)

The Week (Why there's no place like home for the holidays)

The Cheat Sheet (Creepiness)

Multimedios Laguna (Creepy Clowns)

The Raw Story (Ghosts & Religion)

Reporte Indigo (Creepy Clowns)

Judao (Creepiness)

The Independent (Creepy Occupations)

Chicago Tribune (Ghosts & religion) (Creepiness)

The Shoe Cartel (Creepy Clowns)

ITV News - London (Mass Shooting)

Vernon Morning Star (Creepy Clowns)

San Francisco Chronicle (Mass Shootings)

Chicago Tribune (Creepy Clowns)

Los Angeles Times (Ghosts & Religion)

JSTOR Daily (Creepy Clowns)

OverSixty (Grief over Dogs)

Slate (Heroism)

YyeiaOnline (Creepy Clowns)

WGRZ-TV (NBC)(Ghosts & Religion)

CBS -TV19 (Ghosts & Religion)

CBS News Radio (KCBS, San Francisco) (Mass Shootings)

Quartz (Ghosts & Religion)

KSDK-TV (NBC)(Ghosts & Religion)

Spring.St (Life in Isolation)

GIZMODO (Seeing Ghosts)

Newsweek (Poland)

Milenio (Creepy Clowns)

The Madera Tribune (Ghosts & Religion)


Duluth News (Creepy Clowns)

Your Tango (Seeing Ghosts)

WBIR-TV10 (Ghosts & Religion)

Drive with Ali Mau (New Zealand)(Creepy Clowns)

Portsmouth Daily Times (Ghosts & Religion)

The New Indian Express (Mass Shootings)

Arizona Daily Sun (Ghosts & Religion) (Ghosts & Religion)

The Belfast Newsletter (Creepy Clowns)

SPAG Magazine (Grief over Dogs, pp. 46-47)

The Daily Texan (Creepy Clowns)

YubaNet (Ghosts & Religion)

Sound Books (Seeing Ghosts) (Parkland teens pushing for gun control)

The News Minute (Ghosts & Religion)

Focus (Creepy Clowns)

Flowee (Czech Republic)(Ghosts)

Codigo Nuevo (Happiness)

BBC Indonesia (Creepy Clowns)

NewsOne (Mass Shootings)

Bustle (How your name affects your love life)

Observador (Creepy Clowns)

London Sunday Times (Mass Shootings)

Pourquoi Docteur? (Creepy Clowns)

RT (Spanish Edition)(Grief over Dogs)

Qrius (Formerly the Indian Economist) (Ghosts & Religion) (Happiness)

LiveScience (Why there's no place like home for the holidays)

The Verge (Creepy Children's Videos)

Magnet (Ghosts & Religion)

Brigitte (Seeing Ghosts)

Your Tango Magazine (Female Beauty)

Daily Mail (Why there's no place like home for the holidays)

Doc Zone (Canadian Broadcasting Company - Full Episode - "The Real Dirt on Gossip")

The Big Think (Ghosts & Religion)

KSDK TV (Why there's no place like home for the holidays)

LiveScience (Happiness) (Why there's no place like home for the holidays)

Univision (Why there's no place like home for the holidays)

France24 (Creepy Clowns)

Actualite Houssenia Writing (Creepy Clowns)

Essencia Ayam (Communication with the dead)

The Reader (Ghosts & Religion)

Studio 10 - The Daily Dilemma (Creepiness) (Why there's no place like home for the holiday)

YouTube (Why men are disgusting)

Hot Springs Sentinel-Record (Why there's no place like home for the holidays)

Republika (Happiness) (Why there's no place like home for the holidays)

YouTube (Creepiness)

The Missourian (Why there's no place like home for the holidays)

Channel 5 News - St. Louis (Creepy Clowns)

Donna Glamour (Italy - Happiness)

Hir.Ma (Hungary - Creepy Clowns)

O2 (Poland - why men are more disgusting than women)

Roundhouse Radio 98.3 - Vancouver (Seeing Ghosts)

Correio (Brazil)

Eva (Romania - Creepy Clowns) (Grief over Dogs) (Grief over Dogs) (Grief over dogs)

KENH 789 (Mass Shootings)

The Daily Mail (Parkland teens pushing for gun control)

France 24 (Parkland teens pushing for gun control) (Grief over dogs)

Yahoo News (Parkland teens pushing for gun control)

UOL (Brazil - Parkland teens pushing for gun control)

UNO TV Noticias (Parkland teens pushing for gun control)

Clarin (Parkland teens pushing for gun control)


Codigo Nuevo

TVA Nouvelles (Parkland teens pushing for gun control)
The Knox Student (Confronting your inner Trump) (Chile - Parkland teens pushing for gun control)
The Manila Bulletin (Parkland teens pushing for gun control)
Times of India ("Never Again" kids pushing for gun control)
USA News ("Never Again" kids pushing for gun control)
SBS News ("Never Again" kids pushing for gun control)
Zero Hora (Brazil - "Never Again" kids pushing for gun control)
Le Devoir ("Never Again" kids pushing for gun control)
GEO TV (Mass shootings)
YoungPost (Mass shootings)
The Malay Mail ("Never again" kids pushing for gun control) (Grief over dogs)
El Imparcial (Parkland teens & gun control)
Chipiona (Gun Control)
Journaldu Maghreb (Gun Control)
FOX News (Why we need negative emotions)
El Telegrafo (Parkland teens & gun control)
El Observador (Gun Control)
YesMag (Creepiness of Clowns)
El Universo (Gun Control) (Seeing ghosts & social isolation)
L' Expresse (Gun Control)
105.3 FM (Creepiness)
SudTirol News (are there ghosts?)
GV Wire (Grief Over Dogs)
San Francisco Chronicle (The You Tube Shooter)
In Your Right Mind (KABC Talk Radio 790, Los Angeles) (Psychology of Mass Shooters)
BrinkWire (The You Tube Shooter)
MEL Magazine (What's the perfect number of friends for a night out?)
Tonic (by Vice) (Mourning the death of a dog)
Blush Magazine (Women & Smiling)
Alternet (Mourning the Death of  Dog)
Racked (Why do we care about Carrie Underwood's face?) (Creepiness)
Chris KP (Creepiness)
Spring.St (Life in isolation)
Mind and Emotion (Why pretty girls get bullied)
Gigazine (Grief over dogs)
Big Think (How the God you worship influences the ghosts you see)
Big Think (How your name influences your love life and career)
Quartz (When the death of a dog hurts so much) (Grief over losing a dog)
The Huffington Post (Why do humans still experience negative emotions?)
Beritagar (Indonesia) (The Creepiness of Clowns)
Republika (Einstein's Theory of Happiness)
Quartz (Telling secrets is a power move)
PuppyUp (Grief over losing a dog)
CTV News (Creepy Clowns)
El Nueve (Why losing a dog is traumatic)
The Big Smoke (People with odd names are doomed to fail)
El Pais (Creepiness of Dolls)
Flowee (Seeing Ghosts - Czech Republic)
Pronto (Why losing a dog is so hard)
Kumparan (Indonesia - Gossip)
Stand Up to Bullying (Why pretty girls get bullied)
PSYCHLopaedia (Australian Psychological Society)(Why there's no place like home for the holidays)
KVUE - ABC News (Ghosts and Religion)
Yyeia Online (Greece - Creepy Clowns)
La Nacion (Paraguay -grief over the death of a dog)
"Top of Mind" with Julie Rose (BYU Radio)) (Grief over losing a dog)
Focus on the Family's "PluggedIn" (Creepy Clowns)
ELLE (India) (Men are creepier than women)
The Psychiatric Times (Grief over dogs)
Dr. Nerdlove (Creepiness)
Hello Giggles (Creepiness)
Dazed (Creepiness)
Inverse (The "hi stranger" video & creepiness)
Vampire Squid (Why do creepy kids give us the heebie-jeebies?)
Psych Up Live (Voice America Radio)
Business Insider (Grief over dogs)
Core Aspect (Gossip as a social skill)
Following the Light of the Unknown (Creepy Clowns)
Medium (Favoritism's favorite friend)
Infobae (Grief over dogs)
Donna Glamour (Happiness)
We are the Mighty (dumb reasons for going to war)
La Neta Noticias (Creepiness)
Lexington Clipper Herald (High School Memories)
Two Shrinks Pod (Creepy Clowns) (What makes men creepy)
TopSante (Creepiness)
Welingelichte Kringen (Creepiness)
MEL Magazine (Dealing with fuck-ups in your friend group)
FOX 43 (Creepiness)
Univision (Grief over dogs)
Magnet (Grief over dogs)
Entrepreneur (Grief over dogs)
La Nueva Espana (Grief over dogs)
International Business Times (Creepy Clowns) (Grief over dogs)
Upworthy (Grief over dogs)
The Conversation (Nigerian Prince Scams)
The Houston Chronicle (Nigerian Prince Scams)
Plainview Daily Herald (Nigerian Prince Scams)
Actualite Houssenia Writing (Nigerian Prince Scams)
Inverse (Nigerian Prince Scams)
San Francisco Chronicle (Nigerian Prince Scams)
Seattle Post-Intelligencer (Nigerian Prince Scams)
Business Insider (Why we fear clowns)
iAfrikan (Nigerian Prince Scams) (Nigerian Prince Scams)
Kiowa County Press (Nigerian Prince Scams)
MercatorNet (Nigerian Prince Scams)
International Business Times (Nigerian Prince Scams)
The Reader (Nigerian Prince Scams)
Prof Magazine (Workplace gossip in higher education)
Laredo Morning Times (Nigerian Prince Scams)
Salon (Nigerian Prince Scams)
The Markley and van Camp Show  (FM News 101, KXL in Portland, Oregon - Colorado man killed his wife and daughters)
Channel News Asia (Nigerian Prince Scams) (Ghosts & Religion)
The Houston Chronicle (Why we fear clowns)
Mel Magazine (When did men stop naming their sons after themselves?)
Mel Magazine (Why do men carry all the groceries in one load?)
Atlas Obscura (Ghost Stories)
The Audiopedia (Creepiness)
The Seeker (Fear of Clowns)
Dr. Maurice Mizrahi (You Tube)
The Brain Flux (Creepiness)
La Mula (Rumors at the office)
Social Underground (Creepy Clowns)
WESH - Orlando (Creepiness of Clowns) (Grief over dogs)
Quartz (do smiles have a sound?)
Visao (Portugal)(Gossip can be good) (Indonesia)(Seeing Ghosts)
The Philly Voice (Grief over dogs)
VideoElephant (Creepy Clowns)
St. Louis Post-Dispatch (Grief over dogs)
India TV (Grief over dogs)
Animal Channel (Grieving over a dog)
Unilad (creepy clowns)
The CW33 (Creepiness)
The Outline (Creepiness of "the Joker" (from Batman)
Beritagar (What is the right number of people for a group conversation? - Indonesia)
Rivista Studio (The Joker from Batman)
Mount Airy News (Life in Isolation)
Handelsblatt (Office Gossip (Germany))
Psychology Today Magazine (When do personality traits predict behavior?) (Why we see ghosts)
dailymotion (Fear of Clowns)
Alternet (Apparitions of the Blessed Virgin Mary in Medjugordje)
The Big Smoke (Grief over losing a dog)
The Poughkeepsie Journal (Creepiness)
The Milton Keynes Citizen (Killer Clowns)
APost (grief over the death of a dog)
Elsevier SciTech Connect (Psychology of Happiness)
Charleston Gazette-Mail (Why we need negative emotions)
Prevention (Pediophobia - The fear of dolls)
The Atlantic (Pediophobia - the fear of dolls)
Erraticus (Grief over the death of a dog)
CTV News (Creepy Clowns)
The Lisa Valentine Clark Show (BYU Radio) (Zombies)
Inverse (Ads that are too spooky for kids)
Electric Literature (Creepy Dolls)
History 101 (Creepy Dolls) (Why there's no place like home for the holidays)
India TV (Why haunted houses creep us out)
The Dispatch-Argus (The science of creepiness)
Quartz (Teen age memories)
CNN (Designing haunted houses)
KENH 14 (Vietnam)(Creepy Dolls)
WPLG Local News 10 (ABC News)(Architecture of haunted houses)
Occupy World (men & Guns) (Ghosts & Religion)
Raw Story (Ghosts & Religion)
The Huffington Post (The creepiness of Pokemon characters) (the right size for a group conversation)
HuffPost France (Creepiness of Pokemon characters)
Terrafemina (10 creepiest jobs)
Rhein-Neckar-Zeitung (Horror stories making a comeback) (Celebrity gossip)
PowR Video (Creepiness of Clowns) (Creepiness of Pokemon characters)
WTVA News (architecture of haunted houses)
PsyPost (Grief over a dog)
The Huffington Post (Controversy over President Bush's service dog "Sully")
KENH 14 (Vietnam)(Does sharing hate create friendship?)
Medium (How shared hatred creates friendships) (Awkward family photos) (Why there's no place like home for the holidays)
Inverse (Why there's no place like home for the holidays)
MAPO (Why we underestimate how much other people like us)
The Southern Illinoisan (Grief over dogs)
The Pantagraph (Grief over dogs)
The List (Why we find smiles so attractive)
The Irish Examiner (Losing a dog)
The Sitka News (Losing a dog)