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I study human social behavior from an evolutionary perspective, and when I am not conducting or writing up psychology experiments, I write for the average person-on-the-street.  I cover topics as diverse as why we grieve so deeply over the death of our dogs, why old people hate new music, and why clowns creep us out. I also appeared in several documentary films. (See a trailer for one of them.


I am the longest-serving psychology professor in the history of Knox College (43 years & counting), and in the almost 200-year-history of the college, only nine professors in any field served longer.


I have always been deeply engaged with the day-to-day life of the collegeAmong other things, I founded the environmental studies program, served as the associate dean of the college, and chaired the psychology department for a decade. On the side, I also worked with the McNair Scholars Program and coached the wrestling team for many years, and I organized the annual Flunk Day softball game for longer than I can remember. My family and I even lived in the dormitories for four years as "Head Residents." 


Last, but not least, I had the distinct privilege of serving as Stephen Colbert's host and introducing him when he delivered the 2006 commencement address at Knox College.


*I was born on a U.S. military base in Germany and I grew up in the anthracite coal region of

  Northeastern Pennsylvania.  I also lived in Maine for five years, and I now reside on the prairie 

  in Western Illinois in a house that is 114-years-old.


*I am the oldest of five children and I attended Catholic Schools for 17 years.

*I was a wrestler in high school (two-time state placewinner) and in college (NCAA Division II program), and

  many of my academic colleagues are unaware that I masqueraded as college wrestling coach for 30 years,

  with 12 years as a head coach.

*I once pitched to a busload of tourists on the "Field of Dreams" baseball field in Iowa.


*My wife (Maryjo) and I have two grown children (Tim & Maura), one ungrown grandchild (Colleen),

  and a dog named Audrey Hepburn.

      * Maryjo was a long-time kindergarten teacher who found a second career as a college archivist.

       * Tim has degrees from Kenyon College & Washington University (St. Louis), and he works in the U.S.

          Intelligence Community. Tim's spouse, Rose Dunphy McAndrew, earned a doctorate in Occupational

          Therapy and has held faculty positions at several universities after putting in many years as a practicing

          therapist; their daughter Colleen is a 4th grader who plays the viola.

      * Maura has degrees from Macalester College & the University of Pittsburgh. She is a writer, musician,

          editor, media specialist, and adjunct instructor at the University of Oklahoma where her spouse,

          Robert Bailey, is an Associate Professor of Art History.

       * Audrey Hepburn mostly just drinks out of the toilet and does other dog stuff.

*I have been lucky enough to have experienced the animals of South Africa and Tanzania in the wild.

                          (Click on the elephant to see pictures of an elephant attacking my car.)

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B.S. in Psychology (1974 - magna ignoramus)


The founding mission of King's College

was "to educate the sons of coal miners."

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West Side Central Catholic High School

       Kingston, Pennsylvania (1970)

                     (now defunct)

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I worry about the future of
the "other" Great Apes.