Through the many diverse hobbies I pursued at different stages of my life, the one constant was participating in sports.  As a kid I played everything from 8th grade basketball to American Legion Baseball, and I loved intramural sports in college and graduate school. I was an avid softball and racquetball player well into my 40s, and I ran 5K and 10K races until I was in my mid-50s. At various times, I coached junior high school & youth soccer as well as girls' softball.

But wrestling is the sport that I loved the most. Not only was I a high school and college wrestler; I also coached college wrestling as a head coach or as an assistant coach for about thirty years.

Sadly, I have gotten too old to do most of these things anymore. I can still hike and fish and drink wine, so life is OK.  Fortunately, I have not yet had to resort to playing golf. 

Developing this page has been an opportunity for me to preserve some of my favorite wrestling memories and reflect on the role that wrestling played in my life.
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