Module 5 

Learning: Classical & Operant Conditioning

Assigned Reading: Chapter Six in Kalat's Introduction to Psychology
Click on the following Links to access the study materials for Module 5. I suggest you look at them in order and then go back as needed.  Be sure that you are in "Slide Show" mode when viewing the PPT slides - otherwise you will not be able to hear the narration.
John B. Watson & Behaviorism (PPT)
(Click HERE for video version)
Ivan Pavlov &
Classical Conditioning (PPT)
(Click HERE for video version)
B.F. Skinner
& Operant Conditioning (PPT)
(Click HERE for video version)
E.L. Thorndike's "Law of Effect"
(Cats in a Puzzle Box)
Little Albert
(John B. Watson's Research)
Classical versus Operant Conditioning (Video #1)
Classical versus Operant Conditioning
(Video #2)
There is NO LAB COMPONENT to this Module.

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