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Module 7

Personality & Emotion

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Assigned Reading: Chapter 14 in Kalat's Introduction to Psychology
    - Also Read pp. 379-400 if you have the 11th edition of the book
                      - pp. 385-407 if you have the 10th edition of the book
                      - pp. 412-426 if you have the 9th edition of the book
If you have an even earlier edition of the book, contact me and we will figure it out 
Click on the following Links to access the study materials for Module 7. I suggest you look at them in order and then go back as needed.  Be sure that you are in "Slide Show" mode when viewing the PPT slides - otherwise you will not be able to hear the narration.
Introduction to the Study of Emotion (PPT)
(Click HERE for the video version)
The Dimensions of Emotion (PPT)
(Click HERE for the video version)
Reading Emotions through Facial Expressions (PPT)
(Click HERE for the video version)
When Do Personality Traits Predict Behavior? (PPT)
(Click HERE for the video version)
The Measurement of Personality (PPT)
(Click HERE for the video version)
Sigmund Freud's Model of the Personality (Psychoanalysis) (PPT) 
(Click HERE for the video version)
Freud's Psychosexual Stages of Development (PPT) 
(Click HERE for the video version)
Jungian, & Adlerian Perspectives on Personality (PPT) 
(Click HERE for the video version)
How well do you know yourself?
(or, the problem with projective measures of personality)
-Click HERE FIRST for more background information about the Dark 
 Triad personality traits.
- Click HERE to download the instructions for conducting this lab exercise.
- Click HERE to access the website where you will fill out the Dark Triad
   Personality Scale.
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